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Are the Colored Book's Images Painted On?

This is one of the most common questions that I am asked about the books with colored images. The answer is no, the images are not painted on. Here is an inside look to how these books are created. There's no special tool or cutting device that carves the images in the books. This process is done by hand, page by page. Cut and fold and 180 books can take hour after hour to complete. Step one is the pattern. Patterns typically range from 10-15 pages in length. Each page must be marked according to the pattern. The patterns can have anywhere from two to 30 marks per page. Step two is to mark every page to a set point for the 180. Step three is to fold all the pages to create the 180. This must be done before you even start to mark the pattern. Step four is to mark the actual pattern. Step five is to cut every mark on each pages. Step six is to either fold over or tear out between all the marks on the page. Ten, if color is added, I have to cut hundreds of strips of paper and tape or glue each strip into each page. If there's more than one color, this can be even more difficult. Just adding the colored cardstock adds 4-5 additional hours of work per book. Hopefully this sheds some light on the pricing of my cut and folds. It takes an incredible amount of time and patience to complete! This is why some of the books are priced the way they are! Some can take hours upon hours to complete.

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