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Updated: May 13, 2022

I have several new followers and not everyone is familiar with my business and what I do, so I’d like to answer some of the most common questions that I am asked. First of all, yes, I can customize books for you! I can do name books for $5 per letter and anniversary books for $35 and all of my prices include the book. I can also find a pattern to do almost anything. My prices range typically from $15-$80 depending on the time and complexity of the pattern. Books can take anywhere from 2-10 hours to complete. There’s no magical tool that creates these images. Every book is measured, marked, cut, and folded one page at a time. My tools are a ruler, scissors, and patience! I am picky about the books I choose. They need to be in great shape with the right amount of pages. You can supply the book for a slight discount on your book. If you want a specific book, I can order them new but that will be added to the cost of your book. And yes, I do ship! It typically costs $8.50 for in state shipping and up to $14.50 for out of state shipping and so far all of my books have arrived safely. I’m located in Honeyville, Utah if you opt for pickup. I guarantee my work and I send pictures of your book as soon as it’s done to make sure you are happy with it. I’m also pretty fast. I usually can complete 1-2 books per day depending on its complexity. Turn around for orders is pretty fast depending on how many orders I have in front of you. I have books for every occasion from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to anniversaries to graduations to new babies, Christmas, Halloween, baptisms, sports, hobbies, and so on. All ages have loved my books. Order yours today!

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